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A major electrical failure can devastate any building.
Sadly, so can the recovery.

Any building can suffer an electrical system failure. And unfortunately, many personnel, even contractors and consultants, are not trained to handle the challenges that come with bringing it back into operation. This is why it’s critical for every building to have a detailed Electrical Emergency Response Plan (EERP) in place. A customized EERP provides all involved personnel—building engineers, electrical contractors, and emergency vendors—with step-by-step instructions on how to proceed. Management saves time and money, and the aftermath doesn’t turn into a disaster, too.

Buildings without an EERP need an experienced partner to point the way forward. Jones Group Forensic Engineers has years of failure-recovery expertise. We have dealt with thousands of failures and offer mastery in every area, from managing details to providing solutions that limit the failure’s impact and the cost of recovery.

With the Jones Group, management can be confident that the staff will be well prepared for any eventuality. And if the worst-case scenario occurs, we will be there every step of the way, from EERP implementation through final repair.

Speed becomes critical during recovery. However, speed without precision is worthless. We work tirelessly to get electrical systems operational, quickly and correctly. And to our clients, that’s priceless.


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