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Decades of investigating why electrical systems fail taught us something more important.
How to prevent it.

Electrical system failure can be catastrophic. When it happens, building owners and businesses can lose millions of dollars in profit and missed opportunities. Worse, the negative impact on the building’s reputation and leasability can linger for years.

In-depth investigations of numerous failures by Jones Group Forensic Engineers have shown that many didn’t have to happen. Most problems start small, and because it’s easy to take the electrical system for granted, these problems can be allowed to grow. If the system has been improperly installed, haphazardly maintained or, worse, ignored, disaster may follow. No building is immune.

To detect problems early and prevent failure, the Jones Group has created a Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) program that’s unique in the industry. Its effectiveness goes beyond standard RCM programs to analyze and preserve critical busway and electrical systems operation. When used in conjunction with our patented IntelliJoint™ monitoring system, this ground-breaking program can actually extend the life of a building’s electrical system.

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Electrical systems can send definite warning signals when there is a problem or a potential failure. If the management team doesn’t detect these warnings, they could be in for a very expensive surprise.

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Bad things can happen to good buildings. Unfortunately, the building’s reputation becomes one of the first casualties. And a recurrence could be disastrous.

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Any building can suffer an electrical system failure. And unfortunately, many personnel, even contractors and consultants, are not trained to handle the challenges that come with bringing it back into operation.

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