Jones Forensics

forensic engineering consulting
Areas of Expertise:
• Failure Analysis
• Root Cause Analysis
• Specialized Electrical Testing
• System & Load Analysis
• Remediation Design
• Remediation Oversight
• Reliability-Centered Maintenance

We couldn’t tell you all the electrical system failures we’ve investigated.
Our clients prefer it that way.

Bad things can happen to good buildings. Unfortunately, the building’s reputation becomes one of the first casualties. And a recurrence could be disastrous. A thorough, efficient analysis that definitively determines cause and responsibility can minimize this damage, reassuring tenants and investors.

For this reason, owners and managers of numerous high-profile buildings and plants have trusted the Jones Group, making us an international leader in forensic engineering. We don’t just restore power. We also restore good names.

Investigative Support
The Jones Group provides forensic engineering consulting for the manufacturing, industrial, and real-estate markets. Over the past 25 years, we have investigated literally thousands of electrical system failures and consulted for clients such as the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of State, Fortune 50 companies, as well as many multi-national concerns.

Clients appreciate the fact that we move quickly to provide innovative, comprehensive solutions to get the facility up and running. Then, we determine why the electrical system failed, and how to remedy it. To help ensure that it doesn’t happen again, we recommend incorporating one of our Reliability-Centered Maintenance programs.

Litigation Support
Once cause and responsibility are determined, the Jones Group offers a full range of support for legal matters, from field investigation and failure analysis to consulting and testifying-expert services. Clients count on our proficiency at providing the most rigorous, accurate, and defensible technical foundations for their case.

Deposition support is available in-room or, when schedule or budget dictates, via a real-time deposition remote feed. And our state-of-the-art presentation technologies and communication skills ensure that all the technical details will be explained to a jury in a way they can understand, without having the benefit of a technical background.

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