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Along with a building's electrical system, there's something else we work hard to preserve.
Its reputation.

Once gone, a good reputation can be the hardest thing to restore. So when a building's electrical system goes down, we do everything we can to get it back up quickly, efficiently, and quietly–also restoring profitability. Below are a few "before" examples of electrical system problems and failures we were called in to fix. As for what the buildings looked like "after," well, you could be sitting in one of them now.

Case Study #1: New York City Case Study #1: New York City

A catastrophic electrical explosion occurred in a 50-year old obsolete GE busway serving building tenant and mechanical loads for a 32-story, midtown, Class-A office building. The arcing damaged multiple other busway circuits serving tenant loads and the damage caused an almost complete electrical service interruption. Learn more

Case Study #2: New York City Case Study #2: New York City

A 41-story, Financial District, Class-A office building experienced multiple electrical busway explosions over a number of years since their installation. Some of these explosions occurred in close proximity to occupied spaces. Numerous parties had investigated these events and had hypothesized a number of different root causes of the explosions. Learn more

Case Study #3: New York City Case Study #3: New York City

Two buildings within a prestigious teaching hospital campus were left without power after the failure of a set of underground service entrance conductors, causing a major disruption in patient care and facility services for the entire campus. A local contractor responded to establish temporary power to return the facility to operation. Learn more

Case Study #4: Knoxville, TN Case Study #4: Knoxville, TN

One of the largest commercial nurseries in the world relies on a combination of gas-fired and electric boilers to heat it greenhouses. A series of unexplained failures in multiple electric boilers left both the end-user and the manufacturer of the boilers puzzled. Our investigation identified that the neat and iso-phased routing of the multiple phase taps in close proximity to the steel enclosure was causing excessive heating due to induction. Learn more

Case Study #5: Excursion Inlet, AK Case Study #5: Excursion Inlet, AK

A major cannery operation in a remote part of Alaska experienced a fault in a generator switchboard through which all power to the cannery flowed. After temporary power was restored to the facilities, we assessed the damage and assisted with the permanent repair of the switchboard and the damaged generator control system. Learn more

Case Study #6: Old Town, ME Case Study #6: Old Town, ME

An independent power producer experienced a catastrophic failure of one of its turbine/generator units. The 12" diameter turbine shaft completely parted due to overheating from lack of lubrication at the bearings. The root cause of the failure was not determined by the owners. Our investigation defined a complex, improbable sequence of multiple events and coincident operating conditions that ultimately led to the devastating failure of the unit. Learn more


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